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September 20, 2017 / CorpWell


Palm Beach Historical Society:

September 21st, 2017 Cocktail in Paradise

Friday, October 6 @ 4PM and Saturday, October 7th @ 10 AM Historical Walking Tours of Downtown WPB.

Saturday, October 28, 2017 Scarecrow Festival and Contest at Historical Society of Palm Beach

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 Distinguished Lecture Series: “Towers in the Sand”.

Lighthouse Museum:

  • Sunday, September 24th 2-4PM Ice Cream Social at Light House Museum RSVP
  • Sunday, October 15th 6:15-7:30 PM Sunset Tour  RSVP
April 7, 2017 / CorpWell

Friends of the Inlet Village

Friends of the Inlet Village are growing and need additional advisors.

A new election is pending.

Board of Advisors opportunities

  • Are you passionate about the Inlet Village?
  • Do you love where you live?
  • Are you a solid chief and have ideas?



April 4, 2017 / CorpWell

Redevelopment dollars under fire

Mishandling of CRA funds in South Florida

State legislators are considering a bill that could redirect millions of dollars earmarked for improving “blighted” local communities.

The proposed bill, House Bill 13, would eliminate Community Redevelopment Agencies, governmental bodies created to promote affordable housing, economic development, health and safety in under-served neighborhoods. In a nutshell, a CRA holds on to a set percentage of the property taxes paid by residents of a community and then invests that money back into the area.

The idea is that CRAs give residents of poor and working class neighborhoods a guarantee that at least some of their taxes will be dedicated to making their lives better, and not just making the rich in other parts of town richer.

Still, recent mishandling of CRA funds in South Florida has sparked legislation that would prohibit new CRAs from being formed after July 1, prohibit CRAs from taking on any new projects or debts after Oct. 1 and eliminate all of the state’s CRAs by 2037. The legislation would also create additional oversight and reporting requirements for all CRAs statewide.

It’s being described by some as the “nuclear option.” cont


April 2, 2017 / CorpWell

Inlet Village Endangered Area

The Friends of the Inlet Village have declared the ‘Inlet Village” an endangered area for it’s historical, natural and botanical resources and is applying for State and Federal recognition.  We urge you to join the Friends of the Inlet Village to have their voice heard. These efforts will help:

  • Refrain unruly development
  • Preserve your lovely peacefull Village by bringing back
  • The original Inlet Village
  • Native Plants
  • Protect Wildlife
  • Protect its History

Join Now


March 28, 2017 / CorpWell

Actions in the Inlet Village

Dear Friends of the Inlet Village:

We have recently been made aware that the Citizen for Owners Rights is assisting residents to regain their rights to peaceful enjoyment of their property at Jupiter Dune.  If you wish to support them:


Also,  COOLS is a team trying to regain control over the Love Street Project and the Swapping Deals.

Every contribution is a fresh step toward pushing back and regaining a peaceful Inlet Village belonging to residents. In summary, many people feel that they had entrusted the town of Jupiter to conduct themselves in a civilized manner, but it has become apparent that trust isn’t this town’s mission. Please encourage and support those who are putting their neck out to defend you.

Christina Segal, Inlet Village Press

March 25, 2017 / CorpWell

Mini-Golf Expansion Legal Action

A meeting has been scheduled for Monday 27th, 2017 at 2 PM at Estuary Club House.

The meeting will be held by Joann Saint Jones. If the Club House is occupied the meeting will be held instead at 2806 Fairway Drive North at the same time. You will also have the opportunity to meet Advocacy Representatives from COOLS.

Legal material.




March 15, 2017 / CorpWell

Arboretum Project

The Inlet Village Foundation is working on an Arboretum of Native Florida Plants. If you would like to hear more about it, use them follow button to receive updates.

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March 14, 2017 / CorpWell

Honorary Ambassadors for the Inlet



Teri Grooms

Friends of the Inlet Village  elect two ambassadors. Read more



Ben Klug



March 13, 2017 / CorpWell

Candidate Signs

Someone reported that signs for election candidates: Teri Grooms, Carol Watson and Heidi Epstein,  have been disappearing in the Inlet Village.  Remaining signs  for Wayne Posner and Delaney leaves very little doubts about the source of the criminals behind the theft.

What is the penalty for removing a political sign?

In addition to the available criminal penalties for violating RSA chapter 664, the Legislature has established a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per violation for “removing, defacing, or destroying political advertising on private property.” RSA 664:21, VI (a)-(b).

Source: Attorney General Office

March 8, 2017 / CorpWell

The Inlet Village

“The Scoop on Jupiter’s Town Candidates.”

By Lara Moore                                                                                               Read or print article:  Epub

Uncommon History, Potential Unique Future and the Scoop on Jupiter’s Town Candidates for March 14th Election.

It seems as if ‘The Inlet Village’ in Jupiter is a sought-after fine wine or an area where everyone including residents, conservationist, developers, and history buffs want to be.

Last week the Celestial Road Marker was inaugurated. The mayor spoke and was followed by Jamie Stuve, president of the Loxahatchee River Historical Society, who presented the history of this site, which marks so much of the Inlet Village history.

In 1885, the Town of Jupiter depended on the Indian River Steamboat Company to bring passengers and freight south from Titusville. When the passengers reached Juno Beach, they could board another steamer named the ‘Lake Worth,’ to continue to Palm Beach or other points farther south. The train, however, made the connection between Juno Beach and Jupiter. A line of freight wagons pulled by oxen—called bull trains—that shuttled passengers and cargo over the 7.5 miles of rough and rutted road was only transportation available between these two ports. (1)

The narrow-gauge line was planned to run for those 7.5 miles, from Juno through the wilderness waystations of Venus and Mars, and finally, end in the shadow of the Jupiter Lighthouse. The J. and L.W. Railway began operation on July 4, 1889, and traveled from Jupiter Inlet to Juno at the north end of Lake Worth. The line carried passengers and freight cargo and replaced a wagon route that used oxen for transporting people and goods. In an 1893 article in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, the railroad was nicknamed the “Celestial Railroad” because of its stops at Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Juno. (1) Read more…