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We would like to ask if the Town would be willing:

  1. To devote the ‘relief amount’ to acquire the South corner land area on Dubois and Jupiter Beach to create a new ‘Conservation Land’ (according to City Code 26-76) near the same perimeter and provide new trees and plants. This application would also serve to address the resident’s loss of enjoyment, buffer the sound and promote good will that CRA cares as much for Inlet residents as new businesses.
  2. To allocate in the future an annual fixed % of the tax revenue from the CRA to be used for residential improvement at the CRA boundaries impacted by the redevelopment. The endowment would serve as a stable conciliation and/or mitigation effort for residents to appreciate the benefit of the redevelopment.

We are proposing that the Town of Jupiter create:

A site appropriate “Florida Native Trees and Plants Arboretum Path” starting on the land available at the corner of Jupiter Beach/Dubois Roads with Native Florida Plants and various shade trees along those roads. (Fig 1) A small structure or large shady trees and sitting area on the land as well as a display of conservation information. The conservation area would also include a paved crosswalk for pedestrians at the stop sign of Dubois and between the two community’s entrances. The cross paths would also serve to tie the Arboretum into the pedestrian sidewalk along the A1A new footpaths.


This undertaking would create gratefulness from residents. It would be a ‘Natural Resource’ that would provide:

  1. Daily enjoyment for residents and further recreation,
  2. A sound and visual barrier to the new mini-golf expansion.
  3. Rebuild renewed trust for the Jupiter Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).
  4. A community deed for residents to focus on.
  5. A non-business endeavor with a fund to maintain the Arboretum.

For example:

  1. The Association of Florida Native Plants could be asked to oversee proper identifications.
  2. Create a botanical quality trend and attract pedestrian minded customers to the Inlet Village.
  3. Create an ‘Arboretum Path Annual Award’ for a selected business for recognition of excellence in an attractive landscape of Florida native plants and environmentally conscious landscape designers.
  4. Qualify for a Florida Native Plant Society, FNSP Landscape Award
  5. Receive Conservation Grants

Also, businesses would also have the opportunity to contribute annually to this maintenance fund to show their appreciation for this community effort. This collaborative endeavor would create a successful relationship with adjoining inlet residents.

In conclusion, we are submitting this proposal to resolve and compensate for the loss of conservation land in an amicable way feelings on infringements by the residential community. This offer would provide a natural space along Dubois/Beach roads with new shady trees, shrubs and plants that would create a public Florida Native Plants/Trees Arboretum Path.

We sincerely hope you will accept this conciliation offer as a sign that residents are interested in exploring collaborative efforts. Creating an Arboretum Path would bring a renewed trust, pride, and healing for their perceived losses. It would also add to the designation of Tree City that the town has maintained for 17 years.

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