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November 27, 2017 / CorpWell

Historic Archeological Treasures

Problems or Treasures?

The Jupiter Historic Resources Board needs your voice.

The Inlet Village has been the site of many archeological digs with significant findings from late Archaic 1100 through 300 BC. Are those problems or treasures? What can one do with these discoveries? We asked a few Jupiter Historical Resources Board members (HRB).

“I feel that these findings should be valued as a real potential and golden opportunity for a museum quality village,says an HRB member. “Today, many towns have put efforts into integrating the past into new structures to bring successfully unique aspects of the past of their town. The use of our archeological findings could potentially elevate the area to an achievement of global interest and significant cultural recognition and asset.” Lighthouse Museum president, Jamie Stuve feels that this would be a complement to the museum.

Asking other Inlet Village Residents answers were: “We are concerned about overdevelopment,” “Traffic is horrendous,” or “We love our Inlet, the town of Jupiter redevelopment is destroying our village.” “I like that we can walk and bike, but the incessant traffic and drag racings at certain hours are unbearable, we want our village back,” and  “What the town is doing is unconstitutional, they are taking our neighborhood and refusing to listen to residents.”

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So, rather than an over-commercialized Funky Village with problematic traffic, parking issues, and angry residents, could one change the course feared? Along with the Loxahatchee river rich past, the estuary and inlet archeology, abundant outdoor resources, historic lighthouse and Celestial Roadway, could a carefully designed plan and vision by a neutral, qualified professional firm, preserve the uniqueness of the Inlet Village? Could this resolve the constant arguments between, residents, developers and the Town of Jupiter? According to the Palm Beach County History Online and Bob Carr renown archeologist for the Miami Circle: “The Inlet Village has significant archeological findings from late Archaic 1100 through 300 BC,” and could obtain National Historic Landmark designation.

If you have questions, want answers and think along those lines, on December 18th, 2017, at 7 PM, at Town Hall, the HRB (Historic Resources Board) will deliberate about a new development on A1A. This meeting will be open to public comments. Your verbal and letters of support could assist and motivate the HRB to request that the town explore a new approach including a professional opinion from a globally recognized successful firm. Attending this meeting will give you an opportunity to voice your interest and support to such ideas and future for the Inlet Village.

Lara Moore, Independent  Writer

For additional information, you may contact the Friends of the Inlet Village:  Christina Segal, Executive Assistant – Friends of the Inlet Village, Friends.InletVillage(at)



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