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Conciliation Proposal

Jupiter Inlet Conservation Land Conciliation Proposal:

The issues:

As you may know, initially accepting the Mini Golf, did not go without opposition. Despite the decision to disregard resident’s concerns, the plan to keep a conservation land barrier offered a significant buffer for sound and music. However, this compromise was annulled when the town accepted to let owners expand their business and surrender that conservation land. The disregard of public feelings created again new serious doubts that the Town’s CRA protected resident’s interests, since no announcements were received or posted on the site.

As you may know, adjoining property Inlet owners are sensitive to  peaceful enjoyment of their community as they selected this particular community for those criteria. To successfully develop the Inlet Village, one needs to consider its residents who will patronize businesses they are proud of and enjoy. One of their personal pride is the landscape they maintain, as well as the surrounding Florida vegetation, which also allows them to walk around the neighborhood protected from the sun.

As an example, despite resistances on new developments, the pedestrian and new landscape project of A1A achieved significant satisfaction among most residents who can see the shared benefits of the redevelopment.

Since the decision to surrender has passed and the land is now cleared, we are bringing a suggestion for a solution that may help resolve negative feelings. If no attempt is made to solve them, they will continue to linger and further impact the redevelopment.



To Support efforts by residents to keep the Inlet beautiful consider The Inlet Village Fund.


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