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March 13, 2017 / CorpWell

Candidate Signs

Someone reported that signs for election candidates: Teri Grooms, Carol Watson and Heidi Epstein,  have been disappearing in the Inlet Village.  Remaining signs  for Wayne Posner and Delaney leaves very little doubts about the source of the criminals behind the theft.

What is the penalty for removing a political sign?

In addition to the available criminal penalties for violating RSA chapter 664, the Legislature has established a civil penalty of up to $1,000 per violation for “removing, defacing, or destroying political advertising on private property.” RSA 664:21, VI (a)-(b).

Source: Attorney General Office

March 8, 2017 / CorpWell

The Inlet Village

“The Scoop on Jupiter’s Town Candidates.”

By Lara Moore                                                                                               Read or print article:  Epub

Uncommon History, Potential Unique Future and the Scoop on Jupiter’s Town Candidates for March 14th Election.

It seems as if ‘The Inlet Village’ in Jupiter is a sought-after fine wine or an area where everyone including residents, conservationist, developers, and history buffs want to be.

Last week the Celestial Road Marker was inaugurated. The mayor spoke and was followed by Jamie Stuve, president of the Loxahatchee River Historical Society, who presented the history of this site, which marks so much of the Inlet Village history.

In 1885, the Town of Jupiter depended on the Indian River Steamboat Company to bring passengers and freight south from Titusville. When the passengers reached Juno Beach, they could board another steamer named the ‘Lake Worth,’ to continue to Palm Beach or other points farther south. The train, however, made the connection between Juno Beach and Jupiter. A line of freight wagons pulled by oxen—called bull trains—that shuttled passengers and cargo over the 7.5 miles of rough and rutted road was only transportation available between these two ports. (1)

The narrow-gauge line was planned to run for those 7.5 miles, from Juno through the wilderness waystations of Venus and Mars, and finally, end in the shadow of the Jupiter Lighthouse. The J. and L.W. Railway began operation on July 4, 1889, and traveled from Jupiter Inlet to Juno at the north end of Lake Worth. The line carried passengers and freight cargo and replaced a wagon route that used oxen for transporting people and goods. In an 1893 article in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, the railroad was nicknamed the “Celestial Railroad” because of its stops at Jupiter, Mars, Venus, and Juno. (1) Read more…

March 6, 2017 / CorpWell

Town Council Candidates


March 2, 2017 / CorpWell

Celestial Railway

In 1885, the Town of Jupiter had to depend on the Indian River Steamboat Company to bring passengers and freight south from Titusville. When the passengers reached Juno Beach, they could board another steamer named the Lake Worth, to continue to Palm Beach or other points south. The rob; however, was making the connection between Juno Beach and Jupiter. Read more…

February 22, 2017 / CorpWell

Inlet Development News

History of CRA

Town of Jupiter Redevelopment Plans

Moratorium Discussions: Town Meeting:  8/4/16

History of Mini-Golf Development

Zoning Reviews dated: 8/3/16 and 8/31/16

History of Love Street Development



Inlet Village Fund

To Support efforts by residents to keep the Inlet beautiful consider The Inlet Village Fund.


February 8, 2017 / CorpWell

Mini-Golf Expansion


Proposal for an Arboretum that would shield residential area.



Draft Sketch


January 30, 2017 / CorpWell

The Lighthouse Mini-Golf 2016

Expansion Plans

  • Conservation Land Removal
  • Addition of a Pavilion and playground for parties (maximum capacity 130)


Citizen Concerns:

  • Conservation Land Removal need to be replaced (proposal for replacement)
  • Adherence to alcohol restrictions, noise, lights.



September 6, 2016 / CorpWell

A1A Bridge Workshop

If you are a pedestrian or a biker please attend this important workshop. 
The improvement of this bridge is critical to linking Jupiter to the Light House Park, Jupiter Island and The Blowing Rock Preserve. This plan will have an important impact on the enjoyment of the area for residents and avid bikers as it will improve the bridge’s safety by allowing 18ft on either side of traffic for recreational use. 

Date: September 20th, 5:30-7:30 PM

Alternative date in case of weather issues: October, 4th, 2016.

Address: Jupiter Community Center 200 Military Trail, Jupiter, FL 33458


A1A proposed bridge 

April 19, 2016 / CorpWell

A1A near Completion

The two-phased project including underground utilities (phase 1), a master stormwater system, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, crosswalks, bike lanes, on-street parking, connected sidewalks and street lights, improved vehicle access, and landscaping and street trees (phase 2) will be completed in the next month.

An opening ceremony is planned for June, 2016.

Other improvements:

Speed limit was reduced to 30 mile an hour and pedestrian cross walk should assist in reducing traffic.

Water taxis are now running.





November 14, 2015 / CorpWell

A1A Project-Bike-Ped Friendly Community

After receiving a tremendous support from the community, the Town of Jupiter received a three million dollar grant from the Federal Government and County to rebuild A1A with bicycles and pedestrians in mind. We thank Judy and Ken Dow from the Estuary community for their efforts in advocating and receiving the signatures that made this possible. (Council letter) 

Thank you to the Town of Jupiter hired the service of a planners who developed a remarkable plan for this road. The Inlet resident will all enjoy for years to come. It’s completion is expected for 2016. (to review latest updates.)