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About Us

Staff: Christina Segal, Executive Director

Board of Advisors

A1A Road Improvements Committee

  • Bike-Ped of West Palm Beach
  • Judy Dow, Secretary for Bike-Ped
  • Nicolette Asselin
  • Maurice Asselin

Advisors at Large

League of American Bicyclists

IMG_0010  IMG_0010   IMG_0010

Arboretum Committee

  • Nicolette Asselin, Board of Directors,
  • Susan Lerner, President,
  • Judy Dow, Board Member,
  • Donna Fuhr, Honorary Landscape Estuary
  • Marty Woods, Chair Landscape Estuary
  • Wendy Judson, Board Member, HOA C
  • Pam Mullender, Past-President POA Jupiter Dune


Nature Conservancy

Florida  Native Plant Society


butterfly                      Ulmus


The Friends of the Inlet Village

funded and supported by CorpWell Foundation

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