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November 29, 2012 / CorpWell

The Lighhouse Mini-golf

  1. Palm Beach Post: June, 29th, 2012
  2. Announcement hearingNovember 13th, December 18th
  3. CRA Meeting: November 14th
  4. Zoning Meeting:  Audio
  5. Opposition letters: Bike-Ped Council
  6. Palm Beach Post:  November 14th, 2012
  7. Bristol  Mng planning to get involve and represent residents of Inlet
  8. Palm Beach Post:  November 18th, 201
  9. Bike-Ped Council:  Facebook
  10. Bike-Ped Letter to Town Council: December 2012-4
  11. Bike-Ped Letter to Town Council: December 18th, with Signature and comments
  12. Palm Beach PostDecember 19th,  by Bill DiPaolo
  13. Opinions: December 19th, by Marion Stahl

Train that once traversed Jupiter

Petition against Mini-Golf plans

Your comments on this subject are welcomed.


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  1. Marion A. Stahl / Nov 15 2012 5:26 pm

    in response to the article posted on the West Palm Beach on November 14th.

    Posted by MarionStahlWriter at 4:43 p.m. Nov. 14, 2012 Report Abuse
    This article lacks in details and clearly shows that the writer was not present during the meeting.

    The Agent for the owners gave a very nice description of the project. However, not only were the residents of the area present exceeded 12 people, but a representative of the Bike-Ped Council of Palm Beach was present and presented a thorough analysis for the situation. The points made were very relevant and the Chair Ms Patricia Walker ignored all concerned. She also called the law because one of the residents was extremely upset.

    In summary, the point presented were:
    Concerns about the volume of people going in and out of the property. Estimated at a minimum of 2000/day for the Mini-golf alone, Hence large issue with traffic.
    Another concern was that this was presented as a family place but was serving alcohol.
    The noise ordinance was brought into play.

    Lastly, the economic consideration of such an endeavor is a very questionable issue, and the agent showed little market research or any financial information to substantiate the success in this business.

    In previous years, the CRA development staff had residents of this area spend weeks producing lists of wants and concerns; these lists were ignored.

    A consultant, hired by the town of Jupiter prepared a comprehensive analysis of what the Inlet was in need of an amusement park was not a high “leakage” area. On the other hand, grocery, food, beverage, personal products etc.. They were shown as an opportunity in the $300 million.

    In Summary: The Chair, Ms Patricia Walker was insensitive to public opinion. Commissioner Philip Cipolla was vehement about opposing this project. He called it out of place for this historical area. He was, likewise, concerned about all the points brought by the residents.

    I hope this gives a more detailed description of this meeting.

    If you wish to review details on this issue or make comments you can do so at You can find all documentations, reports, letters, etc..

    Marion Stahl

  2. Jim / Nov 21 2012 12:15 am

    AS a local resident and real estate agent I feel the unwanted traffic to the beach area will be a detriment to property values of Jupiter Dunes and Ocean Parks. I feel we need to be emailing the town council in opposition of this project.

    Friedman, Robert Administration Town Council –

    I suggest everyone take a few moments and email the town council and voice your disapproval.


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